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Written by Thomas Bardenwerper   

Join us for the Trubmeister's second annual hop harvest party!

It's been one of the best growing seasons in many years and our hops are now in their third year and have matured into HUGE, thriving plants that threaten to pull down even our strongest efforts to support them - wait until you see!

We will be harvesting Sunday, 8/22/10 starting at  10am on Britt and Heather's farm in Germantown.

We very much need large window screens (or any large screened frame) and a couple/few fans to help dry the hops in the barn.   We REALLY need your help with collecting screens and fans, I promise they'll be retured within a week - and be clean.  Smile

This year will be a pick-n-take harvest too!  The plants are mature and several are producing massive volumes of hop cones, so volunteers can keep half of what they pick if they wish and the club gets the rest for club brew sessions. 

Since there's a lot to harvest and it's a big job, I've already started picking so none go to waste.  I've started with the most ripe hops which were our one lone Tettnang (which produced a whopping 1/2oz. this year) and most of the Fuggles and Centennial plants, several of which were pretty scrawny and did not produce too much.  What's left is the bulk of the crop - the two largest Fuggles and Centennial plants which both have lots of cones, and all 20 of the Cascades plants.  A couple of the Cascades have an incredible quantity of hop cones so don't be bashful, join us in the harvest and take some home with you! 

I plan to bring a keg of Pole Snapper Pale Ale made entirely with last year's Cascade hops.  Please feel free to bring any homebrew, wine or mead, and any snacks you'd like to share.  Picking is really easy and kinda fun too!  We'll cut down the bines and then sit behind the barn in the shade and pick.  Depending upon how many people come out, it may only take a couple/few hours.

There is also a message thread in the Forum for the latest updates on the hop harvest.  Feel free to ask any questions there.

..Hop(e) to see you there!

Tom Bardenwerper