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Written by Thomas Bardenwerper   
Monday, 12 July 2010 00:00

The July, 2010 Trubmeisters meeting was the second annual Camp Luke!  A somewhat small group of Trubs made the easy drive out to Luke's home in New Berlin, where we were greeted with the Mother of all kegerators - Luke had 11 beers on tap!  Throughout the night I sampled each one and it was hard for me to pick a favorite, but in the end I'd have to give my vote the the Cranberry Sour Ale.  It was light and fruity which went down well on a warm evening and had a wonderful Belgian sour twang I have come to develop a taste for in recent years.  Runners-up (IMO) were the American Pale, the Hateful Bitch IPA and the Imperial Stout which was incredibly smooth at over 9%. 


11 Homebrews on Tap - What to Drink?  Decisions, Decisions...

I brought a keg of the BIG Brew Scottish 80 Shilling Ale Mark and I brewed on the club brew system on May 1st and it seemed to be popular as well.  Jeff brought a bottle of homemade chocolate liqueur (think Bailey's Irish Cream but chocolate) that was simply amazing - everyone who sampled it would have been very happy swiping Jeff's bottle and drinking nothing else all night - except there were over 11 taps to sample too!  Luke grilled up some delicious seasoned burgers and marinated(?) drumsticks, plus there was a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, plus chips, homemade salsa, a delicious guacamole dip that Sasha made, and a big Nesco of baked beans that were anything but ordinary - we need some recipes posted!

The highlight of the evening was a GIANT bonfire!  Did I mention it was a BIG fire?  Think tree-top height then you're starting to get the picture.  We burned most of a 60' spruce tree Luke had recently cut down.  Apparently, the fire could be seen from orbiting satellites, as is was not long before two black Suburbans pulled up the driveway and four MIBs got out to find out if we were domestic terrorists conducting nuclear tests.  After some quick explaining and a few samples of homebrew, all was well - amazing how a little homebrew will do that - even with such "serious" guys!


This is what happens with 11 homebrews on tap, a BIG pile of wood, a bonfire pit and a match!


True to the meeting's name, a few of us camped out and were treated with perfect camping and sleeping weather.  Once again, Camp Luke was a great time and the only things injured other than our livers and a few brain cells were the mosquitoes who kept dropping out of the air after sucking from one of us!  Hope to see you at Camp Luke next year!

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