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Yes, that's right...a good time was again had by all at this year's F&FF! Our little corner of the museum was again one of the highlights for many people. They weren't shy about telling us that, either! Our diverse selection of beers kept bringing them back, and they loved them all! Britt's 10.5% Coffee Oatmeal Stout won bragging rights for the year,  for being tapped out after only about an hour and a half! Congrats Britt! Our other beers included a Cask ESB served from a beer engine pump, an IPA made with Apollo hops, and a spicy Belgian Honey Wit. We we also serving a Ginger Mead/Ginger Ale blend that was quite tasty, and finally an old fashioned sarsaparilla soda.

One unique addition to our booth this year were the inflatable cows and goats from the brew barn strewn about on our table and tree. There were SEVERAL attempts by drunken-patrons to purchase these unique decorations (with money or drunken-bartering). With every attempt, however, Brit would grab the goat in question and stroke it lovingly to protect it - don't ask - we didn't either!  ;-)

We hope the fest was a big success for the museum.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered!