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Written by Britt   
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 16:35

Wisconsin Cranberry Apple Melomel

-an original recipe from Britt Bunyard; trial 2 in 2010


12 lbs WI Cranberries (in 2009; use 25-30% in 2010)

5 gal WI Apple Cider

12 lbs WI Honey (in 2010, I used WI cranberry blossom honey)

3 gallons Water—boiling hot

1 TBS Yeast Nutrient

1 TBS Pectic Enzyme

1 TBS Energizer

5 crushed Campden tablets

Yeast: Lalvin D10 or EC1118 or 71B (in 2010 used dry ale yeast)


1. Put frozen thawed cranberries in blender and chop then place in fermentor.

2. Stir Honey into at least 3 gallons boiling hot water to dissolve. Remove from heat, cool, and pour into the fermentor.

3. Add other ingredients except yeast, mixing well. Let sit overnight.

4. Add yeast to the surface. In 10 or 12 hours, stir it in.

5. Once fermentation begins, stir or push the pulp down into the liquid twice daily.

6. After 5 days, funnel strain the pulp and move mead into secondary fermentor.

7. When fermentation tapers off, rack off lees and top up secondary.

8. Rack periodically and may fine with Sparkolloid, add a teaspoon per gallon stock sulfite solution.

9. If making as a sparkling wine, follow instructions in Mary’s Recipes.