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Written by Mark Stolowski   
Monday, 31 January 2011 13:43

You know you're a Wisconsin homebrewer when....

You use one of Wisconsin's abundant natural resources, snow, to cool your wort!


All it takes is a small submersible pump, a bucket and a shovel. Hook the pump up to the chiller, put it in the bucket and fill about 1/3 with water. Turn on the pump and start shoveling. The water is recirculated back to the bucket until it gets too full. Then let the hot water drain onto the ground. It had 5 gallons of wort down to 72 degrees in about 20 minutes. That's as fast or faster than using the garden hose.

The pump I had laying around for another project and is meant for table top fountains etc. It doesn't move much water but it seems to be enough. Just avoid getting too much debris in with the snow and avoid the yellow stuff.