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About the Trubmeisters Homebew Club
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The Trubmeisters Homebrew Club is made up of members who live (or lived) in Northern Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Washington counties, in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Our approx. 75 members make homemade beer (who woulda guessed?), wine, mead, melomel, braggot, ciser, and just about anything else you can drink - with and without alcohol.  Our members come from all walks of life and experience levels, which makes us a very diverse, sometimes knowledgeable, and always FUN club!


Membership to the Trubmeisters is completely free.  All one needs to do in order to join, is simply subscribe to our Yahoo! Groups email list (currently the primary means of the club's communication) and you're a Trub (pronounced troob) - that's it!  To join, simply send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Once you're on the email list, you will receive all club communications, including the monthly meeting location address which is typically held at a different member's house each month.


We are not a formally organized club, we have no officers, dues, or Robert's Rules of Order B-S.  Anarchy Rules are the order of the day for the Trubmeisters and meetings are best described as really fun parties - and we like it this way!  Stuffy people who don't like to have fun with friends and who can't take (and give) a good ribbing should look elsewhere!  We have no sacred cows - and almost anything or anyone is fair game to be mocked and made fun of - especially ourselves!

Meetings are typically held the first Thursday of each month at a different member's house, or occasionally at one of the great local brew pubs, wine bars, wineries or restaurants.  Meeting hosts provide a small spread of food and snacks or anything else they'd like to serve, and the members bring a favorite dish or desert to pass and samples of their latest and greatest, or samples of their favorite commercial beers, wines and meads.  It's not uncommon to have 30 or more bottles (and kegs) of all sorts of stuff being sampled at our meetings!  Be warned - BMC lovers should stay home or prepare to be flogged - we like REAL beer! 

Club Activities:
While anarchy rules, we've got our shit together just enough to regularly participate in area beer fests, beer and wine competitions, fund-raising events, brewery and winery tours, club brew sessions, and the occasional group buy of bulk ingredients or other deals that are of  interest to our members.

In addition, the Trubmeisters are very fortunate to have a totally kick-ass 10 gallon all-grain RIMS brewery, built by founding member, Jeff Kane, and housed on a picturesque 100+ year-old farm in Germantown, where the club also grows organic hops.  The brewery is open for use to all members (after they've been trained and acted as assistant brewer for one brew session) and sessions are typically scheduled a few weeks in advance, when someone gets the itch to brew!  These sessions usually are done on weekends and can last six to eight hours or more.


We hope to see you at the next meeting - where ever that is!